Intended to get a posthumous fame, Yellowhead does the following: makes music, produces video art, occasionally performs at different places, writes texts, draws pictures, and so on.

A quick introduction to Yellowhead’s audiovisual live performances. Get the proper impression of how they look and sound like before dealing with this experience in real life ↓

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His Worst EP

How do we really measure the value of so-called creative work? Of course, subjectively! And, since there is no better way of doing this, let’s make it quick and uncomplicated — so this release can get a name. After all, just like other ones, it simply needs a title. Any title.

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Reverse Yellowheadding

An alien just landed on Earth for the first time (it’s quite easy to picture: as we all know, this happens a lot, especially in rural areas and near bodies of water). The newcomer represents friendly species for which, ironically enough, the best possible nutriment is human flesh…

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Life-Wasting Vest

Life offers us a countless number of them — the ways to waste it. Some people waste their lives by commuting for the benefit of huge corporations. Some of them — by freelancing at a seaside bungalow. Whatever is your own special choice, Yellowhead is here to support the idea.

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Some Kinds of Them

Yellowhead somehow managed to stumble upon a number of variegated, imaginary creatures. Perhaps not all of them can be called good and friendly, but they all can definitely be listened to. As a matter of fact, listening is the only thing you can do with these children of fancy — which is, if you think about it, just as well.

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Immediate Relocation from Kitchen to Space

Since Yellowhead’s imaginary audio catapult is not well calibrated (if calibrated at all), the results of the transportation often happen to be unpredictable. Occasionally we fall into dark places underground, sometimes our way goes through vacuum, or over radioactive water, or across someone’s living room. From time to time it’s basically hard to understand where we are.

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Intelligent Rave Music

After a day of hard mathematical calculations and laboratory experiments professors and assistants do not go back to their sweet homes but direct their steps strictly to a nightclub. Nuclear physicists set on fire on the dance floor. Senior lecturer and postgraduates rock out to the electronic music.

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Semolina Porridge

Kindergarten party! With professional help of the fellow musicians (Few, Zimmer-G and Moonscape) Yellowhead starts the fun, brings air hockey, then misses a porridge, then cooks it again and finally loses self-control.

Listen, learn more and download at 56 Stuff

Also, some tracks by Yellowhead which are not included in the albums can be found on various compilations, such as “Daydreaming and Sleepwalking”, “Uncategorized”, “Marginal Stuff for Genuine Dorks” and others. Scrutinize the full list here, at

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